5 Best Couch Cup Holders with Smartphone Slot

Let’s face it – we take our smartphones everywhere, be it to the restroom or when we’re watching a movie in the hall with family and friends. As such, if you want to add inconspicuous smarts to your living room, you should get the best couch cup holders with a smartphone slot. 

Couch cup holders are an underrated accessory that will let you stow nifty goodies like snacks, smartphones, and even your tablet when you’re sitting on your couch. While you could place your drinks and other trinkets on a coffee table, you may accidentally tip them over. On the other hand, a couch cup holder features dedicated slots that can be used to keep your room squeaky clean. 

We’ve come up with five enticing couch cup holders below. But first, you may want to read about- 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the best couch cup holders.

1. VIENFUT Couch Cup Holder

VIENFUT Couch Cup Holder

First up, is a versatile couch cup holder from folks over at VEINFUT. The company’s offering is available in three attractive hues: Black, Gray, and Greige, which should seemingly blend with your house decor. 

Coming to the meat of the matter, the couch cup holder comes with a six-inch wide tray that can be used to stow your TV remote, earbuds, or some snacks. What’s more, the company has added a pocket on each side of the unit, which can store magazines, iPads, and other trinkets. Add to that, the couch cup holder comes with a removable cover of sorts, that can be affixed to the drink holder.

As such, you can use the cover when you want to store, say, a can of your favorite soda. On the flip side, you can remove the cover if you want to set your coffee mug or any glass with a handle, for that matter.

The VEINFUT Couch Cup Holder is compatible with sofas with up to 9.5-inch wide armrests. The unit is stain resistant and comes with a non-slip base too. To no one’s surprise, the device has amassed a lot of positive reviews, with the majority of buyers happy with their purchase. 

2. GEHE Couch Cup Holder

GEHE Couch Cup Holder

If you’re looking for a distinctive couch cup holder, you might find GEHE’s contender to your liking. For one, the company’s couch cup holder has been made in parts using Bamboo. Moreover, the unit comes in four vibrant colors, so you will find one that fits your living room’s ambiance well.

Do note that GEHE’s Couch Cup Holder doesn’t have too many slots to store your accessories and drinks. In fact, the unit features just two partitions, including an 8.2 x 3.7-inch tray to store your smartphone and a cup holder. Thankfully, the cup holder features a slit to accommodate mugs with a handle. If anything, the unit can only house cups that are 3.7-inches wide. 

On the upside, the couch cup holder can also be used as a flat tray. In fact, the unit can double up as a drink holder or a placemat for a coffee table or your WFH desk.

More notably, the couch cup holder can seamlessly be cleaned with a damp cloth. To no one’s surprise, the concoction has received stellar reviews, with most buyers seemingly happy with its build quality.

3. Elmiko Couch Cup Holder

Elimiko Couch Cup Holder

If you want a couch cup holder with striking metallic accents, then you’re in luck. Elmiko’s offering is available in six stunning hues, with each cup holder featuring a glistening frame above the cup holder. 

That’s not all; the company’s couch cup holder also comes with a neat 6-inch wide tray. As such, you can comfortably store your TV remote and your smartphone while watching a show in your living room. Add to that, the bundled cup holder can accommodate cups that are 3.5-inches wide as well. 

The icing on the cake is that you can affix the cup holder to your car’s armrest too. Additionally, the Elmiko Couch Cup holder has received its share of positive reviews too. In fact, with over 1,700 user ratings, the cup holder is among the most sought-after product in its price bracket. So, if you want to add a little bling to your couch, you should give Elmiko’s couch cup holder a go. 

4. CouchConsole Cup Holder

CouchConsole Couch Cup Holder

CouchConsole’s Cup Holder Tray ups the ante and offers a high-performance gyro to keep your mugs vertically oriented at all times. So, even if you lift the tray and pass it to your friends, you will not risk spilling your drinks. 

Add to that; the CouchConsole Cup Holder boasts a modular design. In fact, the four partitions are not affixed to one another. As such, you can remove the snacks tray in lieu of another cup holder with a built-in gyroscope. Or, you could add more storage by replacing the beverage holder – the world is your oyster. 

Speaking of storage, the CouchConsole Cup Holder has a meaty cavity that can be used to store your video game controllers, TV remotes, and much more. It even ships with an opening of sorts to stow your smartphone when it’s not in use.

Add to that, the unit features a Type-C connector at the top. While it has no built-in battery bank, you can plug in any external power source and place it in the storage tray. You can then plug in your phone via the Type-C port and charge the device when you’re watching a movie. 

5. Zigtiger Cup Holder Tray

Zigtiger Couch Cup Holder

Zigtiger’s Cup Holder Tray draws many parallels to CouchConsole’s offering. In fact, from afar, the two cup holders look indistinguishable from one another. That said, unlike the model prefaced above, Zigtiger’s Cup Holder Tray has a built-in 10,000mAh power bank to top up your devices. 

What’s more, the power bank comes with wireless charging smarts too. So, you can top up your devices at up to 15W wirelessly (see best wireless car chargers). Or, use the bundled Type-A and Type-C connectors to juice up your smartphone at up to 20W. We should also add that the company has used BPA-free plastic for the unit’s construction. Additionally, the Zigtiger Cup Holder Tray also comes with a metal base, that adds to its build quality.

Much like CouchConsole’s cup holder, Zigtiger’s contender also comes with modular sockets. You’ll also get a gyroscope-enabled beverage holder with the device, which is great. Additionally, the cup holder is available in three snazzy hues, so you can pick one up that goes with your decor. Needless to say, the cup holder has received superb reviews, with buyers speaking highly of its build quality and ease of use. 

No Spills on Our Watch

A couch cup holder can work wonders for your home decor. At the same time, it will help keep your room tidy, even when you’re rummaging through the snacks and beverages.

Of the options prefaced above, Zigtiger’s Cup Holder makes a compelling argument for those who don’t have a charging outlet near their couch. Buyers on a budget can also check out VEINFUT’s offering, which has several pockets. Do let us know which cup holder you snagged in the comments below. 

Last updated on 11 July, 2023

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